Devil is haunting my dreams: Lady Gaga

Updated: Feb 20, 2012, 16:38 PM IST

London: Pop star Lady Gaga says the devil is haunting her while she sleeps, so she has enlisted the help of spiritual guru Deepak Chopra.

The 25-year-old `Born This Way` hitmaker has sought help from Michael Jackson`s former doctor Chopra to try to ward off evil spirits from her "terrifying" dreams, reported Daily Star online.

"I have this recurring dream where there`s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room where there`s a blonde girl with ropes tied to her limbs pulling her apart.

"I told Deepak the dream was so terrifying I thought somehow that a evil force was trying to take hold of me. He laughed and told me that I should learn to embrace my own insanity. I told him, `The Devil is trying to take me, Deepak. I`m a good girl!` He said not to worry," Gaga said.

The singer has also asked the Indian doctor to help her achieve her dreams of "going into a coma" and levitating.

"I want to go into a coma and levitate. I am a very spiritual person. Deepak is the most influential person in my life. His message is a true inspiration. He helps me to reach inside my spirituality and we take it to the next level," she added.