Dharam Oberoi was Sanjay`s `evil disease`: RGV

Mumbai: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who lashed out at Sanjay Dutt and swore never to work with him, after the release of ‘Department’, seems to be extending an olive branch to the actor.

Varma blames Dharam Oberoi, CEO of Sanjay`s production company, for the debacle of the ‘Department’, claiming he interfered a lot during the making of the film. However, the filmmaker is now happy that the actor has been removed from his company.

"Don`t know if Dharam is out of Sanjay`s life but if true it`s the best news I heard because he`s more dangerous for Sanjay than the 1993 blast case," Varma tweeted.

"More than for sorting out my differences with Sanjay I am happy that the evil disease is out of Sanjay`s life," he added.