Diane Lane is a reformed car thief

Los Angeles: She is an Oscar winning Hollywood A-lister but actress Diane Lane used to steal cars and drive them across state lines.

The `Unfaithful` star who is married to fellow Academy award winner Josh Brolin, said that she indulged in petty crime as a youngster, reported E!Online.

"Oh, I had my share. I think it`s really an unfair time to be in the industry and try to grow up in front of the cameras. Aside from some grand theft larceny, I was a good kid," said the 45-year-old when asked whether she ever got into the kind of trouble young Hollywood seems to be plagued with these days.

The actress was at the centre of a scandal recently after a new book claimed that she once two-timed Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmate Richie Sambora.

"My publicist said I could use a little edge, so I`ll let others be quotable. It happened a quarter of a century ago, so I`m a little fuzzy," said Lane about claims made in the book `Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi` by the band`s former tour manager Rich Bozzett.