Did Beyonce snub Kim at Jay-Z and Kanye West concert?

Updated: Sep 04, 2012, 14:21 PM IST

New York: Pop superstar Beyonce and Kim Kardashian reportedly don`t share a warm relationship despite the great friendship between their partners -- Jay-Z and Kanye West.

West and Jay-Z bonded over their performance at the Made In America festival. Beyonce was seen cheering for her husband but West`s reality star girlfriend was not spotted despite attending the event, the New York Daily News reported.

"Kim and Beyonce barely spoke to each other. They were on opposite sides of the stage. Beyonce didn`t even acknowledge (Kim) was there until the concert was almost over," a source said.

"(Kim) didn`t make any efforts to go speak to Beyonce either," the source added.

However, when they both went backstage into one of the dressing rooms, insiders say they spoke a little to each other but "uncomfortable" Kim spent the majority of her time with Kanye and her best friend Jonathan Cheban.

"Eventually, the women made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn`t say much. Kim was talking to Jonathan, and Kanye was talking to Jay-Z and Beyonce."