Did Katrina Kaif stop Ranbir Kapoor from promoting `Besharam` on Salman Khan’s `Bigg Boss 7`?

Mumbai: We’ve seen how a lot of B-town celebs have going out red faced from Sallu’s reality show after taking the stage with the 'Dabangg' star for their film’s promotions, but Ranbir isn’t ready to step on the 'Bigg Boss 7' stage. Not even if it means good promotions for 'Besharam'?

Ranbir Kapoor has refused to go on Salman Khan’s 'Bigg Boss 7'. One of the highly watched reality shows on television is what the makers of Besharam wanted to cash on, but their film’s hero doesn’t want to share the stage with the most wanted Khan.

Apparently RK is aware about Sallu’s antics on the show and how Sallu gets his star guests red faced on his show – Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor or even his current girlfriend who was Salman’s ex Katrina Kaif hasn’t been spared of this embarrassment. Guess, this is why RK wants to stay away from this stage.

After all he might not be sure if Sallu will show his hell or heaven side to the 'Besharam' actor. While it’s natural to speculate that Ranboo would not wanna face Salman especially after the bikini pictures, wethinks there’s more to what meets the eye.

We know about ex’s and their currents avoiding each other theory, but we also hear that Jr Kapoor wants a day off from work on his birthday on September 28. This also happens to be the day when 'Bigg Boss 7' team shoots the eviction episode.

Now who do you think RK would wanna spend his special day with, obviously not his current’s ex right? After denying birthday plans and saying that he would be busy working on his special day, chuparustam RK has a surprise up his sleeve it seems.

What’s your guess peeps – A private date with Katrina or a big bash with B-towners in attendance and his ladylove Katrina by his side? As for Ranbir’s loss has turned out to be Anil Kapoor’s gain, as AK will promote his upcoming television series 24 on Salman’s show. So ready are you guys ready some dhasu entertainment on the 'Bigg Boss' stage and outside as well?

Let’s see who fares better RK-Kat or then Salman and his 'No Entry' co-star Anil!

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