Did Preity Zinta's `expletives` provoke Ness Wadia?

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: The Priety-Ness case is getting murkier by the day. A report reveals what exactly happened on May 30, that lead to the altercation between the Bollywood actress and her former boyfriend Ness Wadia.

DNA had earlier reported that the former couple shared cold vibes ever since they parted ways and even during team meetings (both Preity and Ness are co-owners of Indian Premiere League franchise - Kings XI Punjab).

“It was a special day for Ness and he was the first in his contingent to arrive at the stadium a few minutes past 8 pm. Imagine his shock when he found that not a single seat in the VIP enclosure was available. He was panicking as he called an official from the team and also the IPL organisers to understand why there were no seats for him. By this time his mother arrived along with his nephew (Jeh and Celina Wadia’s son) they had no option but to keep standing as officials scrambled to find them a place to sit. After a humiliating wait that extended to twenty minutes, finally two seats were arranged together and a third one was given in a separate row,” said a guest who was present there.

"Despite the fact that she had been told by King XI officials that Maureen (Ness' mother) and other Wadia family members were expected any time in the stands and the seats were reserved for them, apparently Preity insisted that her guests be allowed to occupy the vacant chairs and told officials to leave it to her to ‘handle’ Ness. But when all this fuss was unfolding barely 10 feet away from her, Preity, who was in the front row, kept chatting animatedly with her friends as if she hadn’t noticed," reported Mumbaiwalla.

“Naturally, Ness was extremely upset,” Mumbaiwalla.com quoted a guest as saying.

According to an eyewitness, after seating his mother and nephew, Ness had walked up to the front row to reach where Preity was standing near the balcony railing.

“He leaned over to speak in her ear and that’s when he held her by the hand – it was a pretty natural thing in the circumstances because there was too much noise for him to speak to her from a distance,” said the source to Mumbaiwalla.

This is the nature of the conversation that followed based on interviews of some guests, though the words spoken may not be exactly the same:

NESS: What’s going on here?

PREITY: What do you mean what’s going on?

NESS: Why have you taken all the seats?

PREITY: So what? You came late. How was I supposed to know?

NESS: It’s my birthday and you knew my mother was coming. She’s 71 and she’s been standing for nearly half an hour. You’ve shown your true colours.

PREITY: Don’t you dare talk to me like that.

NESS: You are really so disrespectful. This is what you are.

PREITY: Why don’t you just f#@k off!

NESS: Listen to yourself….you’re showing your true colours

“In the end it was Ness who had to back off,” a person closely associated with the Kings XI franchise told Mumbaiwalla.

From the conversation, it seems as if it was because of what Preity said, Ness lost his cool. But this is just one side of the story.

The police investigation might bring the truth forward.

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