Did Shah Rukh Khan taunt Priyanka on Twitter?

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Twitter is a great virtual platform for anyone and everyone in B-Town to take digs at each other via some ‘not-so-funny’ comments. From industry’s insecure big wigs to jealous actresses, twitter seems to be a ground for lashing out at each other. And now, the newest names to join the bandwagon are supposed ex-lovers Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan!

Now, the fact is that PC loves sharing her updates on twitter just like any other celeb. But things took a twist when she recently tweeted, “Quick q n a.. Let’s go..”. But that ‘boring’ tweet did not go down well with King Khan Shah Rukh and he tweeted, “So many people send me so many notices. Isn’t this whole exercise losing its ‘Appeal’…pun intended.”

But soon he realized that the tweet is very ambiguous and no one would notice who he is pointing at. So, he then followed that tweet with “quick questions…only funny answers…so please beware and don’t get offended. Ask me of my favourite colour and i will sue u!!” So, did you get the drift?

Uff…Bollywood celebs and their ways…