Difficult for a woman to stay in my house: John

Riding high on the success of their latest flick ‘Force’, Bollywood actors John Abraham and Genelia D’Souza made an appearance on Zee News’ weekly chat show Kahiye Janab.

Here are the excerpts of the chat both had with programme host Swati Chaturvedi:

Swati: (To John) You have put in hard work to build your body. There are three ways to build body – the real way (through gym), the SFx (special graphics) way, and with the help of drugs-steroids. What is John Abraham made of?

John: It took me eight months to build my body. There are shortcuts but they have dangerous side effects like balding, impotency etc. I would like to tell the youngsters, if you want to build body then work hard. You need not go to gym, you can choose to walk…

Swati: (To John) There are big names and big stars in this league. Tell me, who has a real body and who has a fake?

John: I honestly believe all people in our industry have real bodies. They do have different frames but all have great bodies. Six packs or eight packs are no standards to judge fitness. You have to be mentally clean and strong.

Swati: (To Genelia) Is there any pressure on Hindi film actresses to look a certain way? The size zero thing… like you are so skinny…

John: (Laughs) She is size minus one…

Swati: (To Genelia) How does it feel to be romanced by John?

Genelia: It feels amazing. He is very hot. John and I have a very different chemistry, it’s not cute… but very unpredictable chemistry, which is the beauty of it.

John: I must tell you this… before deciding to do ‘Force’, the remake of a Tamil film… when I first watched the Tamil version the romance stayed with me for an entire week. So, I decided to do the film for the romance part. I guarantee you, when people walk out of cinema they will come out with romance.

Swati: (To John) One big question. People say John is divine to look at, but can John really act? Can he carry a movie completely on his own?

John: I have heard this question a million times. When I get multi-starrer offers, I do commercial films. And when I get solo films, I go into experimental mode. I do no-smoking (films), ‘Water’, ‘Kabul Express’ etc. But most of them have not worked.

Swati: (To John) You have got many ‘sexiest’ titles…

John: Contrary to my image I am a very respectful person when it comes to women.

Swati: I fully agree. And who according to you is the most non-sexiest of this brigade?

John: Any man who does not work out his legs is not sexy, because body should have a proportion.

Genelia: I think the attitude should be right.

John: And yes, the attitude is very important.

Swati: (To John) When you last appeared on ‘Kahiye Janab’, you were part of a very happening couple. Now you are single. Tell us about that.

John: From then to now, not much has changed. It has been more than a year and half. It’s long over. I don’t want to talk about it again. I really don’t want to get into that space again… I won’t visit that space ever again. I respect the past, but I want to look at the present and the future. Who knows what future holds? I may marry in five days, five months, or five years (smiles). I may surprise everyone.

Genelia: (Smiles) You never know…

Swati: (To John) So, you are not going to confirm your bachelorhood.

John: Right now I am a bachelor. Not long ago there were rumours of my affair with Genelia, that I have married her (accidentally, on the sets).

Genelia: Those were very stupid rumours.

Swati: (To John) Tell us about your new fancy house.

John: The house is not a family pad. The kitchen, bathroom ‘walls’ are made of glass. Everything’s transparent, there is no partition. It’s difficult for a woman to stay in the house, for the way it is built. It’s a very man’s space. Sometimes, when I sit in the hall I see laser moving on my body. And when I look outside, there are people focusing the laser at me. Then I have to draw curtains. I think it’s sweet.

Swati: (To John) What has been the wildest pass on you?

John: Sometimes women pinch me. Sometimes they come asking for photographs… and when we pose for the camera, they put their arm around straight on my butt (laughs). I like this when people come upto me. I am a very accessible person.

Swati: (To John) What next after ‘Force’…

John: My next film is ‘Desi Boys’ with Akshay Kumar. Then I am producing a film with Reliance and Rose Films. It’s called ‘I, Me Aur Main’. Then ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Race 2’… There will be ‘Dostana 2’ for sure, but we don’t know when it will start.

Swati: (To Genelia) Is the rumour of your marriage true or false?

Genelia: There have been rumours for the past five years. When I will or want to get married, I will myself announce it. There’s nothing to hide.

Adaptation: Deepak Nagpal

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