DIG Paraskar case: Audio conversation between model, her ex-lawyer revealed

Zee Media Bureau/Ritika Handoo

New Delhi: Fresh revelations are being made in the controversial DIG Sunil Paraskar case where he has been charged with rape and molestation by a small-time model. Here are the excerpts from the audio conversation between the model and her former lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui.

Model: Hello, Rizwan, I could not talk to Crystal in the office. Listen, I had a word with Commissioner and will get an appointment for either Monday or Tuesday.

Rizwan: Alright. It's good take an appointment.

Model: Alright then, I will fix an appointment for either Monday or Tuesday. This guy has offered me money. Did he talk to you about the money?

Rizwan: I have not had any direct conversation with him. I am talking about Rizwan Merchant.

Model: Yes, is Rizwan Merchant giving you a hint that he can offer us money?

Rizwan: Well, I think yes, he is trying to figure out whether you are interested in taking the money or not?

Model: So, was he asking you whether the client needs money or not?

Rizwan: Yes, I mean he asking in a way.

Model: Whether I take money or not?

Rizwan: He must be cross-checking it on someone's behest whether you take money or not?

Model: But, did he say that if the girl takes money then we will settle everything.

Rizwan: No, he was just confirming about the money part.

Model: So what did you say?

Rizwan: I said no she doesn't do all this for money.

Model: Rizwan had I wanted money, I would have made it long back. But I don't need money.

Rizwan: Yes I know that. Quite right.

Model: Never mind, leave it. I will speak with Crystal and get back to you later.

Rizwan: Yes you speak with Crystal and you also speak with Sagar.

Model: With whom?

Rizwan: Sagar

Model: Yes yes, will do it.
Rizwan: Alright, bye.

Model: Okay.

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