Disc Jockey files police complaint against Justin Bieber

Los Angeles: Disk Jockey Addison Ulhaq, who earlier claimed that singer Justin Bieber spat in his face in a nightclub, has hired a lawyer and filed a police complaint against the pop sensation.

According to Ulhaq, the incident took place July 13 at the Social Room in Columbus when Bieber`s security thought that the DJ was taking pictures inside VIP room of the club.

Ulhaq says he did not click any pictures and his efforts to convince Bieber about this were in vain. The singer then spat in his face and cussed him out.

Ulhaq`s lawyers say Bieber`s spit assault left saliva and mucus in his eye, nose, and mouth. Following the alleged altercation, the DJ said he got tested for Hepatitis, but the test came back negative, reports tmz.com.

The police report said: "The victim stated that the suspect told him his mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch."

However, Ulhaq has not yet filed a lawsuit against Bieber.

The report added: "The victim stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident."

This is not the first time Bieber is in trouble. Earlier he had a run in with the law for allegedly indulging in fights with his neighbours and paparazzi.