Disc jockeying - Rajeev Khandelwal`s new passion

Mumbai: Actor Rajeev Khandelwal, whose performance in "Soundtrack" as a DJ-gone-deaf has been much appreciated, says he loved the process of getting to understand how a deejay moved, danced and played music.

"I took a seven weeks crash-course as a DJ. I went with my director Neerav Ghosh to nightclubs, watched them at work and then began to research on them. VJ Nikhil Chinappa, who was my co-star in `Shaitan`, also helped me understand the art," says Khandelwal.

The actor, who started his career from the small screen, says he wants to spend more time practicing the art.

"I can`t claim to be a professional DJ. But I know how to fit beats into a loop, mix two songs. We have a rather fixed image of a DJ as a guy who plays songs and dances frantically, gesticulating with his hands all the while. But I discovered many DJs are far more controlled in their movements," he said.

To prepare for his role in "Soundtrack", the actor also attended a workshop for the deaf.

"I was coached by a teacher from the Helen Keller institute who was actually my co-star Soha Ali Khan`s teacher. The thing is, I wasn`t playing a guy who was deaf since birth. The body language and the quality of deafness that happens much later in life is different," the actor said.

He says he made it a point not to watch actor Paul Kaye in the Canadian film "It`s All Gone Pete Tong" which is the reference point for Rajeev`s character in "Soundtrack".

"No, I purposely stayed away from that film. But I did watch some footage of Frankie Wilde. The story of that DJ who went deaf was far more bizarre and debauched than what we`ve portrayed in `Soundtrack`. The drugs, alcohol and sex in `Soundtrack` was toned down."

The biggest compliment for Rajeev came from his wife.

"She said it was a good performance. She wouldn`t bullshit me. If I am awful, she would say so. So if she says I am good I must be," he says.


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