Divorce was humiliating for Eva Longoria

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2011, 16:00 PM IST

Los Angeles: `Desperate Housewives` star Eva Longoria was upset with the way her divorce with Tony Parker was handled by the tabloids.

The 36-year-old star, who split from her basketball player husband Parker after three years of their marriage, felt humiliated as the couple never wanted divorce.

The star, who ended her marriage with the sportsman amid allegations of infidelity, said she was upset to read accounts of her split in tabloids.

"A bit. Mostly because it had to play out so publicly... It was devastating to go through on its own, much less publicly. Marriage in my family is really a sacred sacrament. It wasn`t something we did frivolously. And our mantra was: Divorce is not an option. We always would kid about that: `I`ll kill him before I divorce him!` I guess the relationship ran its course.

"It was heartbreaking. It`s the first time I`m talking about it so I`m sorry (for crying)!... It was disappointing because I had such an identity in being Mrs Parker and being a wife. When that`s taken away from you, you go, `Who am I?`", said Longoria on the show.

But the TV star, who is now dating Penelope Cruz`s brother Eduardo, insists not regretting about her time with Parker.

"So many people want me to hate him, want me to destroy him. But I don`t, I wish nothing but the best for him. A really good friend of mine said, `Hold onto the love and not the loss.` There was a reason why we got married, there was a reason why we fell in love, there was a reason why we were
together seven years. I just choose to hold onto that," added Longoria.