Don`t know much about female co-stars: Indraneil

Kolkata: In the role of a screen superstar having known the missing `heroine` in Nayika Sangbad, `Autograph` star Indraneil Sengupta affirms in real life he does not know much about female co-actors outside the work domain.

"I haven`t known any heroine so well as to find similarities with her life and the film`s missing star. And I am more of the view it is more reeltype and less realtype," the `Elar Char Adhyay` actor said here.

"The only woman I think I know enough, and really well happens to be my wife Barkha (Bist). And perhaps there is not much similarities between her and the film`s female actor by any means I guess," he said.

Indraneil, who had essayed the role of a rebel mentor in Elar Char Adhyay based on Tagore`s eponymous work, however is more candid about that role.

"In Char Adhyay from the characters, to the stiory, there was periodicity manifest in living beings and look and feel, everywhere. The dialogue delivery,everything had to be a bit practised and laboured. The only coincidence was it was also a film by Bappaditya.

"But here, my role is of contemporary type. And despite me being more as a superstar, and less of an actor, connecting to the role turned easier for me as I am portraying what I am, what I do for hours everyday,"

"However, for the superstar`s role I didnot draw references from any real-life big time hero Tollywood or in the bigger domain," he said.

"I never draw any references. I base my character from my understanding of situations they are placed. And yes the director`s words count, But here in Nayika Sangbad, Bappada (Bappaditya Bandyopadhyay) just wanted me go by the flow and deliver," Indraneil said.

Director Bappaditya says, apart from the title theree is no similariy with the classic Nayika Sangbad of 1967 having Uttam Kumar and Anjana Bhowmick in the leads. It is all about discovering other sides of a successful heroine as she suddenly goes missing one day and a journalist embarks on her trail.

"Nayika Sangbad is my story, derived from my understanding of the people I had seen and interacted with so far but it is not an out and out arthouse film,. My missing diva is a present-day girl but having elements of mysticsim like Greta Garbo."

She has a successful carrer, fans, close friends including the superstar, but she feels the void within and one day goes missing, female lead Arunima Ghosh, who essays the role, says.

Bappaditya, who is also making a documentary on the relatively unknown painter Nirod Majumder, a key member of Calcutta Group in the 40s of last Century and his romantic mindscape, says it will also be pooled by the Nayika Sangbad producer Dreamsz Movies and Entertainments, as one of the few privately sponsored documentary film on a serious art subject.

Nayika Sangbad will be released on September 27.