Donald Trump and Alan Sugar’s catfight on Twitter

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: What happens when you put a couple of egotistical, self-aggrandizing multi-millionaires together in today’s social media world? A twitter battle of course.

Golden-haired ‘Apprentice’ boss Donald Trump was in a bullish mood towards the UK government’s policies as he tweeted: “How can George Osborne reduce UK debt while spending billions to subsidize Scotland’s garbage wind turbines that are destroying the country?”

This must have rubbed UK’s ‘Apprentice’ host Alan Sugar the wrong way because he responded with a scathing but true tweet: “The Scottish don`t want you!”

Trump, never one to lie back, responded to the provocation by tweeting: “@Lord_Sugar If you think ugly windmills are good for Scotland you are an even worse businessman than I thought and, in my opinion, should not be doing The Apprentice."

Lord Sugar, ever the belligerent man, hit back at Trump’s much-criticized golf-course project: "well you have NO SAY in that. The British like me not you. The ugly windmills will bring more revenue and green power to Scotland than your golf project."

The ‘twattle’ continued between the two ‘The Apprentice’ hosts with a barrage of to-and-fros:
Donald ‘I own you’ Trump: "Sugar – unlike you, I own The Apprentice. You were never successful enough to do The Apprentice but I approved you anyway. Without my show you`d be nothing!"

Lord ‘I’m Mark Burnett’s’ Sugar: "You approved me! What a load of rubbish dream on You don`t own apprentice Mark Burnett does. Shut up and argue with Obama."

Donald ‘money money money’ Trump: "Keep working hard so I make plenty of $ with your show. You have little persona, but The Apprentice concept is great and lucky for you!"

Alan ‘take that’ Sugar: "You have had a charisma bypass."

Donald ‘you’re fired’ Trump replied: "Drop to your knees, Sugar, and say thank you, Mr. Trump."
As if this wasn’t feisty enough for the tweeps, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ winner, current CNN host and general trouble-maker supreme Piers Morgan decided to add 140-characters-or-less of fuel to the already flaming twitter fire.

The provocative chat show host tweeted: “Don`t wish to interfere obviously @realDonaldTrump - but it may be time to fire @Lord_Sugar from YOUR show for his impertinence?”

This proved to be the final straw for the House of Lords Member as a feisty Lord Sugar retaliated with an ambiguously worded tweet: “You are full of sh** Trump you have no power over the UK Apprentice, just like the Scottish people."

This is the latest in a series of twitter battles involving Piers Morgan in some way or the other. His most famous one is still his #moobs battle with Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand which went on for a few days and it ended with the English centre back having the last laugh.