Duffy takes time off to unwind from pressure of Brit awards

London: Welsh singer Aimee Ann Duffy has revealed that she had to hide away after winning three Brit awards as the pressure was too much to take.

Duffy, 25, who presented a gong at the Glamour mag awards, admits she became a recluse so she could go back to her roots.

“It got a bit scary and overwhelming. I just had to go away and remind myself what I was doing it for. It’s the music that kept me going,” a news daily quoted her as saying.

“In music you have to go back to your roots, you have to make music from the heart. And so I guess I had to hide away,” she stated.

The singer has been holed up in a New York studio all this time, recording her second collection.

“It got a little bit too much last time actually - and I was trying to keep a sight on who I was. I’ve had a lonely few months,” she added.



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