Dustin Hoffman`s career was an accident

London: Actor-director Dustin Hoffman says he cannot understand how he managed to become such a famous actor as he was always told he was a "real loser".

The 75-year-old, who shot to fame after starring in `The Graduate` in 1967, doesn`t think he was meant to have a successful career, reported Daily Star.

"I really believed I was a freak accident when I became famous after `The Graduate`. It wasn`t meant to be. I don`t dislike myself, I`ve learned that I don`t have any choice but to live with myself.

"I couldn`t fix my concentration in school. I think that was implanted in me because now there is nothing more that I love than reading and writing. In those days I was called a `real kind of comedian`, which in those days means, `You`re a real loser`," he said.

Hoffman credits therapy for saving his life. PTI