Dwina Gibb sleeps with hubby Robin’s teddy bear

Updated: Jun 10, 2012, 12:02 PM IST

London: Robin Gibb’s widow Dwina has spoken for the first time about the pain of her loss and said that she eases her grief by sleeping with the late singer’s teddy bear.

Dwina, 59, who arranged a poignant funeral for the former Bee Gee on Friday, decorated their bedroom ready for his return from hospital as he fought his last battle with cancer.

“I changed the curtains, and made everything nice,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“But I hadn’t realised that Robin would never come home again.

“Now all I want is the old room back, and Robin with it.

“I always sleep with his teddy bear beside me. I gave it to him a long time ago and had Robin’s initials embroidered on the teddy’s little blue shirt,” she said.

Recalling the beautiful funeral, she said: “I was moved to tears during our son RJ’s tribute to Robin. He said, ‘My best friend. My daddy. I love you so much. You were a brilliant light and a true inspiration.’

“When he said the word ‘daddy’, RJ became a little boy again, vulnerable, missing his father so much. I broke down,” she said.

Irish-born poet and author Dwina penned a heartbreaking poem, ‘My Songbird Has Flown’, for his funeral in the village of Thame, Oxfordshire, where the couple lived.

She also wore Robin’s ring, a gift from her that once belonged to an Anglo Saxon king, throughout the moving ceremony.

Dwina devotedly nursed Robin through his last illness, rubbing his skin with marigold cream to ease the dryness.

She recalled how he awoke from a nine-day coma before passing away on May 20.

“I am devastated to have lost my best friend, my husband, my brother. Robin was everything to me. I shall miss him for the rest of my life,” she added.