Eating disorder rumours damaged Flockhart`s career

London: Calista Flockhart admits that eating disorder rumours plagued her career and sent her into depression.

Flockhart shot to stardom in the late 1990s playing a ditzy lawyer in hit TV show "Ally McBeal", but her super-slender figure made her the target of gossips that she suffers from eating disorder and the actress admits that the rumours forced her to almost quit acting, reports

"I still weigh exactly what I did back then. I`ve always been thin. I have small bones. It (rumours of an eating disorder) was horrible, completely out of control," she said.

"It didn`t matter what I did, if I ordered food or not... I tried to ignore it, but I`m sure it was damaging to my career. I became depressed. I thought, `Well, this can`t help me get a job` - nobody wants to hire someone who has a problem," she added.

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