Ellen Page suffered night hallucinations as child

London: Actress Ellen Page reveals that she used to suffer from night hallucinations as a child.

The Oscar-nominated star said she struggled to differentiate between dreams and reality and found her dreamlike states "scary", reports a news website.

"I guess you`d call them night hallucinations. I`ve often found myself sleepwalking and waking up in halls of hotels. If someone saw me, they would think I was awake, but I am seeing something else and I am communicating with it, whether it is a person or where I see something as obscure as a bird`s nest or bugs. And, one time, there a deep freeze in my room," she said.

"It feels real to me and it is incredibly vivid. Luckily, it is happening less as I get older, because when I was a kid it was scary."

"It created a lot of existential dilemma, because you start having these questions, like, `Is this person really perceiving me?` Nobody can ever say anything to me to convince me they really exist, because who knows? It has never fully gone away, although, luckily, I can`t recall when last it happened," she added.



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