Elton John urges young stars to learn from his mistake

Melbourne: Sir Elton John has said that the young stars should learn from his mistake and should stop taking drugs at an early age.

The 63-year-old singer considers his greatest achievement is getting sober at the age of 43 - but he wishes he``d done it when he was 20 years younger.

"If you can do it, and everyone`s going to do it I think because they want to try it, then try and get it over with as quickly as possible, because it`s a f*^#ing waste of time," the Daily Telegraph quoted Sir John as saying.

"Jared Leto is a great actor he`d been a crack addict since he was 14 and he`d been sober since 17.

"Jack Osbourne, a friend of mine, he`s been sober since he was 18.

"I spent time with (Lady) GaGa last week, and she said, `You know I got my cocaine over with by the time I was 20.

"Thank god. I didn`t get mine over with until I was 43," he added.

Sir Elton was speaking at the launch of his new album `The Union`, a collaboration with legendary singer and songwriter Leon Russell.

The album is due for release in October.



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