Emma Roberts obsessed with sushi

London: Hollywood starlet Emma Roberts is so "obsessed" with sushi, she spent a month eating nothing but the Japanese food.

The `Nancy Drew` star is now trying to alter her diet after spending such a lengthy period of time eating sushi, which is made of cooked vinegared rice topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood.

But the 19-year-old actress, who is the niece of Hollywood star Julia Roberts, is so besotted with the delicacy that she is finding it difficult to change her diet.

"I`ve been attempting to eat healthily lately. A month ago, I was eating sushi every day of my life because I became really obsessed with it," said Emma.

"But recently I`ve been trying to mix it up a bit and incorporate vegetables into my diet, which is a problem because I`m not a fan," she added.

Emma, who recently spent time in London filming ``, admits she couldn`t stop herself from splashing out on new outfits every time she had a break.

"We tried to shop in our lunch break. I love anything from designer to vintage to Topshop. That`s what I love about London - you can find such an amazing mixture of everything,"
said the actress.