Emma, Rupert could be ‘kissing cousins’

London: Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who share a steamy snog in the next ‘Harry Potter’ film, could be relatives from the village of Kilworth, Leics- reveal ancestry experts.

Family history researcher Nick Barratt traced the family trees of Emma, 20, and Rupert, 22, and found that more than 200 years ago their families had links to the village and could even be related.

“It is very rare to take two people who have no other connection and find they have a link to a small village like this,” the Daily Star quoted Nick, of ancestry magazine Your Family History, as saying.

He described the coincidence as “amazing.”

Grint’s paternal line stretches back to 1792 when distant relation William Berridge was born in North Kilworth.

Barratt uncovered a branch of Watson’s family were the Bonsors of South Kilworth, who established a brick-making business in the early 19th century.

“The Bonsors were a big family round here, as were the Berridges,” Rachel Root, 70, a local historian, said.