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Emma Stone`s death fears

Updated: Jun 11, 2012, 15:23 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Emma Stone, who spent two years in therapy for anxiety as a child, says she constantly worries about dying and still undergoes sessions when she feels the requirement.

"I`m close to my mortality, not in a freaky way but constantly. I feel hyperaware that everything could end. That`s always been in my mind, for whatever reason, since I was very small," quoted Stone as saying.

"I was in therapy for two years as a kid. As someone with anxiety you`re constantly waiting for the next attack. I think I tend to worry more when things are good. I know those things will change," she added..

While the 23-year-old is comfortable with the idea of seeking therapy, she prefers not to discuss her relationship with "Spiderman" co-star Andrew Garfield because she wants to keep it private.

"Honestly, the only thing that gives me any release is knowing what I have the power to say. If I never address anything, how much can anyone ever really know the truth," she said.