Enrique Iglesias can`t cope up with rejection

Los Angeles: Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias can`t cope up with rejection and had broke down in tears during teenage days when the girl he had a crush on refused to go to prom with him.

The 35-year-old singer, who is currently dating tennis star Anna Kournikova, admits he was devastated when he was rejected by a fellow student at his high school, MTV reported online.

"I had no luck with the ladies. I was going to prom with this girl that I really liked and she said that she had decided that she wasn`t gonna go with me," Enrique said.

"It was devastating. When you`re in high school and a few weeks before prom the girl you`re going with says no, it’s awful. At the time, my whole world came crumbling down. I probably did cry. I hate to admit that now, it`s kind of embarrassing. Such a wuss," he added.

Eventually, the `Addicted` hitmaker had to go alone to the prom.

"I went to my prom alone. I know it sounds awful, but I went with my friends. I had a good time. For all you guys out there: it`s OK to go to prom by yourself. You don`t need a
date for prom," Enrique said.


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