Enrique Iglesias scared after grandfather`s kidnap

Updated: Aug 02, 2011, 13:05 PM IST

London: Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias grew up surrounded by police as a young child after his grandfather`s life was threatened in a kidnap plot.

The 36-year-old moved to Spain with his mum after his parents divorced when he was just three years old, reported Contactmusic.

The singer says he had a relatively regular upbringing with his siblings in Madrid until his grandfather, Julio Iglesias, was abducted and held for ransom by Spanish terrorist organisation.

"I had a great childhood, until I was eight years old. It was tough because my grandfather got kidnapped. That was a pretty horrifying time," Iglesias said.

His grandfather was eventually released unscathed after spending nearly a month in captivity, but the scary incident prompted Enrique to move to Miami, Florida to live with his father for safety reasons.

"Suddenly I was surrounded by policemen constantly. I would have two to three bodyguards (with me all time), I remember it was chaotic, everything was crazy. My life completely changed," he said.