Eva Mendes prefers Oscar over `Sexiest` tag

London: She was recently voted the `Sexiest Woman Alive` in an online poll, but actress Eva Mendes says that she would happily swap the title for an Oscar anyday.

The screen siren says that she wants to be remembered for her work, good and bad, and not just her looks, reported Daily Mail online.

"You have to take that stuff (Sexiest title) with a grain of salt, otherwise you would be destroyed when you`re no longer considered that. So you say thank you and move on. And you know what? I`d rather have an Oscar, thanks very much," said the Latin beauty.

The 36-year-old says that she`s grateful for the good package of genes that nature provided her, though without make-up she considers herself rather plain.

"I`m happy with what I have, but you know, today I got my make-up and hair done. Without it I am actually pretty much the girl next door," she said.

The actress enjoyed huge Box Office success with films such as `Hitch`, `Ghost Rider` and `The Spirit`, and since 2008 has been the face of Calvin Klein.

The commercial she shot for Calvin Klein`s Secret Obsession perfume, where the camera gets a glimpse of a bare-chested Eva, had run into controversy, but she is

"Actually I think it was very tasteful and I`m very proud of it. And I honestly didn`t think it was a big deal? It was only one second. Calvin Klein knows what it is doing: it’s pushing the envelope but staying classy," said the actress.



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