Ex-Bollywood star Tania Zaetta arrested in Oz nightclub

Sydney: Former Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta, whose dominance in the Indian film industry came to a swift end in 2008, will reportedly face court early next month after being arrested at a Gold Coast nightclub.

The Australian actress and television host spent several hours in the cells before being processed and given watch house bail, reports a newspaper.

She is due to face Southport Magistrates Court on April 4.

Police, however, refused to divulge her name and said a 41-year-old NSW woman was arrested at a nightclub in Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, and charged with obstructing police and causing a public nuisance.

Her Bollywood ascendancy came to end when a scandal erupted over baseless allegations about her personal conduct while entertaining Australian troops in Afghanistan.

Claims that she had sex with Australian servicemen were leaked in a Defence briefing paper and the ensuing negative publicity tarnished her reputation at home and abroad.