Ex-boyfriend murders model Rinki, fabricates suicide scene

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Rinki Chaudhary, a model was brutally murdered by her former boyfriend Sahil Malik on 30 October, at her residence in Goregaon, a western Mumbai suburb. A new investigation into the case has revealed that Sahil had an accomplice, Shivam, who had allegedly helped him fabricate evidences to make the murder look like a suicide case.

Now the police have begun a manhunt to trace the accomplice, Shivam who escaped from the scene immediately after helping the murderer.

Talking to a tabloid, Senior Inspector Surendra Paitankar from Goregaon Police Station said, “We believe that Shivam went missing soon after Chaudhary`s death came to light. We are trying to trace him.”

The police questioned Malik and after reconstructing the incident, they arrived at a conclusion that Rinki died of serious head injuries. This was also confirmed by the post-mortem report.

The police say that after murdering Rinki, Malik called his friend Shivam in the evening, an hour after the murder to construct a suicide scene. The duo then locked the kitchen door from inside and made it look like Rinki had fastened the door from behind. They then discussed the string of events which was to be told to the police.

According to Malik’s statement, Rinki had locked herself inside the kitchen after getting irritated by the paint fumes while he was painting the walls of her house. She then killed herself. On suspecting something strange, Malik claimed that he kicked opened the door and lowered her dead body.

But the post-mortem report has a different story to tell. The report revealed that she has strangulated before she was hung indicating that she did not die of hanging.

Malik’s Delhi- based ex-girlfriend, Shyamali Jain has also been summoned by the Mumbai Police.

"We have given her a strict warning to present herself before us for investigations and if she fails to comply, we will produce an arrest warrant against her," said Paitankar.

Jain is expected to produce herself to the police in a couple of days.

Malik has been remanded to police custody till November 4.