Ex-couple Price, Andre voted most boring public figures

London: A survey conducted by men`s online magazine AskMen UK has voted Katie Price and her ex-husband Peter Andre as the most boring public figures that people are tired of hearing about.

Price topped with 51 percent of votes in the Great Male survey as being the female public figure people were most tired of hearing about, leaving behind eccentric singer Lady Gaga and Malaria-stricken Cheryl Cole at second and third positions, respectively.

"For many British guys, Katie Price represents everything they`d want to avoid in a partner. For a number of men, her apparent harsh treatment of ex-husband Peter Andre makes her bad relationship material and her constant craving for attention would seem to be a huge personality turn off," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Andrew Lubega, editor of AskMen UK - who commissioned the survey - as saying.

In the male category, the 7,000 people surveyed placed Katie`s ex-husband Peter in the top spot, closely followed by "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson.

Golfer Tiger Woods, music mogul Simon Cowell and England soccer star John Terry filled the rest of the top five slots.

The Great Male survey quizzed respondents on a range of topics, including use of technology, political preferences, favourite television shows and celebrity crushes.

The top five female public figures men are most tired of hearing about:

1. Katie Price

2. Lady Gaga

3. Cheryl Cole

4. Lindsay Lohan

5. Michelle Obama

The top five male public figures men are most tired of hearing about:

1. Peter Andre

2. Robert Pattinson

3. Tiger Woods

4. Simon Cowell

5. John Terry



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