Eyewitness blames Saif, says he was the first to provoke

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The Saif-Sharma brawl saga has been witnessing new twists and turns every day, and from what’s the latest, an eyewitness has come up with his own version of the incident. The eyewitness has blamed Saif for starting the fight, saying that the actor was the one who provoked Iqbal Sharma and punched him.

According to what had been claimed by actor Saif Ali Khan some time back, there were two sides of the story of the brawl between him and Iqbal Sharma, a South African businessman. However, from what has been learnt from an eyewitness account, Saif’s claims appear to be false.

One of the employees of the Wasabi restaurant at The Taj, where the fight between Saif and Sharma took place, in a statement given to the police has said that the former was the first to provoke and punch the latter. Taj Hotel’s Wasabi restaurant in Colaba was a witness to the entire fiasco, and despite several different versions of the story doing the rounds, Saif seems to be the one who was at the crux of it all. However, the actual verdict from the police is still awaited.

Actor Salman Khan and his family have supported Saif. At the place inside the restaurant where the brawl ensued, no video cameras were installed. But the statement from the eyewitness has changed things, according to sources.