Facebook is ‘too dangerous’, feels Peter Andre

Updated: Jun 28, 2010, 13:46 PM IST

Wellington: One can never find Peter Andre on Facebook as the singer feels that it is "the most dangerous thing you can ever do".

The 37-year-old refuses to sign up to any social networking sites because he is scared of having his online comments taken out of context.

The Australian singer is particularly worried about being accused of chatting up women on the Internet, and so he has vowed never to use popular sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

"Facebook is the most dangerous thing you can ever do. I will not go on it. I refuse," a news website quoted him as telling British magazine More!

"Twitter is bad too, but not as bad as Facebook because you go into people`s pages and you talk to them.”

"I was a good boy throughout my marriage, all the way. If someone sends you even the slightest hint, there`s no excuse when you`re married," he added.