Faisal very much a part of my career: Aamir Khan

PTI| Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014, 17:10 PM IST

Mumbai: Aamir Khan, who is riding high on the success of `Dhoom 3`, says all is well between him and actor-brother Faisal, who helps him in selecting scripts.

There were reports that Faisal had accused Aamir of keeping him captive in the house and forcefully feeding him pills for mental sickness. But the superstar has rubbished such talks.

"He is doing very well. In fact, Faisal and I had together heard the script narration of `Dhoom 3`. Faisal had felt that I should do the film. Faisal reads many scripts I get and he helps me in selecting my scripts. He is very much a part of my career now," Aamir told reporters in a group interview.

"Whether he will act in the future is something that you will have to ask him. As a person he is as giving to me as I am," the 48-year-old actor said.

It is for the first time that Aamir has played a double role in `Dhoom 3` and he is happy with the response.

"The kind of shots that you can now design for a double role is limitless. Earlier, with constraints of technology you couldn`t touch the other character and could not do various things. But today with so much of advance technology available it becomes slightly more difficult for the actor to perform, but it`s challenging and fun," Aamir said.

Released on December 20, `Dhoom 3` is doing quite well at the box office and according to producers it has earned Rs 250 crore so far.

"Monetary success is the yard stick of how many people have seen the film... So based on the combination of the response that I have got for the film we are pretty happy and satisfied. I think by and large we have achieved what we had set out to do," he said.