Fame has become a freak show: Charlize Theron

London: Hollywood actress Charlize Theron says being famous is like being part of a "freak show " and stars` privacy is being respected less and less.

The `Snow White` actress said the attention stars now receive from the paparazzi and the public is beyond anything she had ever imagined, reported Contactmusic.

"Fame has become a freak show. It drives me insane. There are certain places that you just can`t go. I`m OK with that, but it`s the things you can`t avoid like when you`re going home. That`s not even sacred any more," Theron said.

Despite the circus that surrounds Hollywood, the actress tries to retain some sense of perspective on her career and life.

"You can`t take this industry too seriously. We want to believe we`re curing cancer, but we really aren`t," she added.