Fame is disgusting: Katy Perry

London: Singer Katy Perry finds fame disgusting and says she is sick of being in the public eye.

The 27-year-old loves her job, but hates the exposure that comes with it.

"I am tired of being famous already! But I`m not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do," she told teenvogue.com. "It`s quite a delicate creature. It can love you, and then it can attack you."

Perry insists she wants fans to see her as a normal person.

"I still want to be as approachable and relatable as possible. When I meet fans and they`re crying, I`ll say, `Calm down, there`s nothing to cry about. I`m not going to bite you or attack you or grant you three wishes. Let`s just hang out and have a good time`," she said.

"But really, I stopped focusing on what other people think a while ago. If you try to be everything to everyone, you`ll only end up completely confused," she added.


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