Fan rescued Winehouse from Brand`s father

Updated: May 26, 2010, 10:10 AM IST

London: Pop singer Amy Winehouse was rescued by a fan when British comedian Russell Brand`s estranged father Ronald Henry tried to cuddle her without her consent.

"Ronnie was being really loud and reminding everyone that he was Russell`s dad. He seemed drunk and everyone there was getting fed up with him," quoted a source as saying.

"`Russell`s gone global now and I have $29 million to invest in the music business`, he said. Then he started bothering Amy and kept putting his arm around her shoulder."

"A blonde who was standing nearby took offence. She pushed Ronnie`s head against a wall and was slapping him while shouting: `Who are you?`"

"She looked really angry and Ronnie just sort of cowered away," source added.