Fans name a star after Shahid Kapoor

Zeenews bureau

Mumbai: There is a reason why Bollywood celebs are called stars. But the smile and joy which actor Shahid Kapoor gives his fans through cinema will pale in comparison to the greatest token of love that has been bestowed upon him this birthday by his fans.

Shahid got a unique gift on his birthday- real celestial heavenly star named after him!

The actor, who went to Goa with a bunch of friends to celebrate his 31st birthday on February 25 has been gifted a star by his dedicated fans.

Believe it or not, but the star which has been named after Shahid is located in the Orion constellation. Sources confirm that the star was booked by his fans through the official website ‘’.

Needless to say Shahid was overwhelmed by this gesture. He also sports a bracelet gifted to him by one of his fans.

However, this ‘fans treat’ is not just exclusive to Sasha, as prior to this; a lunar crater in the moon`s `sea of tranquility` was christened after the eternal charmer of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Khan in 2010!

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