Fans shocked over Sean Connery snub in Bond extravaganza

London: Bond enthusiasts have been left flabbergasted by what seems to be an overlooking of Sir Sean Connery’s contribution in the success of the multi-billion dollar franchise.

He appears on screen for fewer than five seconds of a 105-second advert for the launch of the Bond films on Blu-ray.

Daniel Craig, with just two 007 hits under his belt, gets a whopping 22 seconds, compared with Sir Connery’s ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moments in the MGM promo.

Despite being the newest Bond, he even gets to deliver the key catchphrase “The name’s Bond, James Bond”, that, for many, is so closely associated with the ‘Dr No’ star.

Fans need an eagle eye to spot Connery’s moments. They include the side of his face, a flash of him in his Aston Martin in ‘From Russia With Love’ and a shot of his famous beach scene with Ursula Andress in ‘Dr No’.

“Sir Sean made James Bond what it is today and it is appalling that he is treated like a forgotten man on the screen,” the Daily Express quoted an angry fan as saying.

“Sir Sean’s films, such as Gold finger, Diamonds Are Forever, You Only Live Twice and Dr No are the classics of the 007 franchise,” the fan said.

The apparent snub is the latest twist in a long running wrangle with Bond bosses over the 50th anniversary 007 celebrations. Sir Connery insists he has retired from screen work, but MGM wants him on board to help promote the franchise.

Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan are also glimpsed and there is even a half-second shot of George Lazenby, who starred only in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.


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