Father defends Lindsay Lohan over bar spat

Los Angeles: Troubled star Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael has come out to defend his daughter after she was accused of entering into a brawl with another clubber.

Michael said that his daughter was subjected to cruel taunts prior to the incident, reported TMZ.

He said that the quarrel began when the girl made fun of the actress for taking her father on a night out, and then he was forced to call security.

Lindsay had a drink thrown over her by an unnamed woman at Los Angeles` nightclub Smoke and Mirrors, while she was enjoying an evening out with her dad.

"There were some people dancing around her and people trying to get to her and I was keeping them away. I heard commotion behind me. And the girl said something and Lindsay cursed and the other girl threw a drink at her and that was it," said Michael.

"I grabbed Lindsay, I held the other girl back and told security to get her out right away... (The girl said) `What are you doing here with your father?`" he said.

Asked if there was a physical fight between the pair, he said, "Absolutely not, there was no contact whatsoever. I`m not out here often, so I don`t get a chance to see her and it`s horrible that I had to be brought into this situation like this."