Fatherhood turns ‘film star’ Orlando Bloom to ‘family guy’ dad and hubby

London: Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom is keener playing a dad and husband these days, as he puts his baby son and wife before everything else.

Bloom, 34, has changed his perspective towards life and has become more of a family guy than being just an actor, as his supermodel wife, Miranda Kerr and their nine-month-old son Flynn have become his first priority.

So much so, that ‘The Lord of the Rings’ star has also become pretty adept at cleaning up his baby’s puke.

“There’s no time for anything other than what you feel really is important,” he says, the Sun quoted the actor as saying.

“Everything comes into focus. There was all that other nonsense you used to spend time worrying about, then, hang on a second, I’ve got this three-hour block here before I’m going to get baby puke on me. What am I going to do with that?”

Taking time out to get married and become a parent has also given Bloom a fresh zest for his screen work.

“I just took a little bit of time to get my head straight, have a baby and a family and now I’m enthused about working a whole different way,” he added.


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