Fisher did the first ‘Brangelina’ by dumping Reynolds for Taylor

New York: Debbie Reynolds has revealed that her story is alike Brangelina as Eddie Fisher dumped her for man-eater Elizabeth Taylor.

The public was scandalized, as details came out that Reynolds, lonely with Fisher on tour, called her best friend Liz in her hotel room on location - and Fisher answered.

Reynolds said she, Liz and Fisher were the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston of their day.

Fisher died Wednesday at 82.

"Every generation has their bit of scandal," the New York Daily News quoted Reynolds as saying.

"This generation had [Brangelina] and Jennifer, and back then it was Debbie and Eddie and Elizabeth. It happened after [Taylor`s husband] Mike Todd died. We were all very, very dear friends. My son is named Todd. So it was very painful," she added.


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