Flirtatious Ranbir Kapoor denies dating Angela Johnson

Updated: May 12, 2011, 15:55 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood’s blue eyed boy and the latest hot bod from the Kapoor khandan, Ranbir Kapoor might have dated a string of Bollywood babes in the past, but one thing is for sure that the actor is definitely not seeing swimsuit model Angela Johnson.

Talking to a daily, a source said, “Ranbir hasn’t dated Angela even for a day. He doesn’t want to come out and talk about it since it involves a girl, but he didn’t meet her alone even once. He is clueless about where this gossip is coming from and why Angela isn’t denying these rumours.”

Apparently, even Ranbir denied dating any model. “I’m scared these days. The moment I’m seen having dinner or coming out of a movie hall with a girl, people start talking of me dating her. It doesn’t matter that there are other friends around us. I don’t understand why there’s this need to tag me with a girl. Most of them are talented and can make it big on their own,” said a visibly upset actor.

It is believed that Angela has a steady boyfriend for more than three years, yet she is not denying rumours of her dating Ranbir.

“It happened just once. Ranbir Kapoor was spotted sharing a couple of drinks with her at one of the bars of a five star hotel in Worli. There were other common friends hanging around too. The two just shared a couple of drinks on the evening of April 29. Ranbir offered her a lift home. She probably went back home after that but it was definitely not the start of a relationship,” added the source.