Forget Salman, Katrina torn between Aamir and SRK!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: While the whole world speculates Salman and Katrina as the hottest item in B-town, the girl seems to be more interested in the other Khans in Bollywood. Gossip mill recently had it that Katrina Kaif was in a fix between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh as to whom, she should choose to be around with!

Well, before you jump the gun or Salman shreds this report into pieces, let the reality come clean. Kat is working simultaneously with ‘Aamir’ and SRK on ‘Dhoom 3’ and Yash Raj’s untitled romantic saga respectively; the actress apparently is finding it hard to juggle her priorities.

According to a report, Aamir wanted Kat to be with him in Chicago to rehearse some high end action scenes before they actually start shooting ‘Dhoom 3’, but the lady was also in demand here in India as SRK wished for her presence to make romance in YRF’s film.

Even though the gorgeous actress has been very vocal about the brilliance of Aamir and SRK earlier, Kat, in double mind decided to stay with SRK and then later move to Chicago to shoot for ‘Dhoom 3’. So, does that mean, Kat favours SRK more? Well, some say she is very confident of the experience of ‘the perfectionist’ Aamir, who can pull any act without any rehearsals.

It would be interesting to see what Salman thinks about it?