Furious Jordan files complaint over jokes about disabled son

London: Catwalk queen Katie Price has lodged an official complaint with media watchdog Ofcom last night after Frankie Boyle failed to apologise over his sick attack on her disabled son Harvey.

Jordan’s lawyer filed papers alleging C4 and Boyle had breached the “harm and offence” clause of the Broadcasting Code.

Their move came as outrage grew over the 38-year-old comic’s vile “jokes” on his late-night Tramadol Nights show earlier this week.

Fans bombarded websites, voicing their disgust over his foul-mouthed comments, which were heard by one million viewers.

Most claimed Glasgow-based Boyle had “gone too far this time” with his verbal onslaught against her eight-year-old son.

A spokesman for Kate confirmed yesterday that she planned to take further action against Channel 4.

“Channel 4 have got this horribly wrong if they think their actions are defensible because Boyle is high profile or because he has made this joke before,” the Daily Star quoted her lawyer Mark Bateman as saying.

“To ridicule disability is bad enough but to single out a young child as courageous and vulnerable as Harvey is cowardly,” he said.

Frankie said on the show: “I have a theory about the reason Jordan married a cage-fighter. She needed a man strong enough to stop Harvey from f***ing her.”