Gabourey Sidibe reveals her twitter account is fake

Washington: Gabourey Sidibe has told fans that the twitter account under her name really belongs to an impostor.

The actress had got an Oscar nomination for the very first film she acted in – the 2009 film `Precious`.

She says she doesn’t use even use the micro-blogging site but this user regularly sends out messages pretending to be her.

“Isn’t that crazy? I’m not on Twitter, I’m like a loser, I’m still doing Myspace,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying on the US chat show The Talk on Thursday.

It’s so strange (because) she’s really positive because she thinks I’m positive but I’m not; I’m a hateful person,” she said while talking about the impostor.

In fact the actress said that her mom and she had actually begun to like the person behind the bogus account.

She described the fake Sidibe as ‘uplifting and nice’.

“At first my mom and I were mad at her, like, ``How dare you pretend to be like me?`` And then my mom was like, ``Wait, people like her, she’s lovely, I’m going to follow (her),” she said.


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