Gaga leaves the diva behind to impress boyfriend`s parents

London: She is best known for her over-the-top outfits but Lady Gaga has traded her signature leotards and heels for slippers and smocks to impress her boyfriend`s parents.

The `Poker Face` hitmaker is spending the holidays in Omaha, Nebraska, with her bartender Luc Carl and his parents.

So she has dumped her elaborate security, dressed casually and is helping out in the family kitchen, reported Sun online.

The outrageous singer, whose album `The Fame Monster` is the biggest seller of the year, shifting 5.8million copies worldwide, also gave a posh hotel the swerve to stay in Luc`s old bedroom with him.

"Gaga is used to the best hotel suites in the world but wanted to sleep with Luc in his old bed in the room he grew up in," said a source.

"The holidays are a special family time so she wanted to slot in without any fuss. It`s a chance for her to get to know them, show her domestic side and prove there`s more to her than what they see on the TV," the source added.

The hitmaker`s only extravagance was treating the family to a trip to the local bowling alley and casino, where Carl`s dad taught her how to play blackjack.