Gaga spends 72 hrs in egg-shaped vessel

Updated: Feb 16, 2011, 15:51 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Lady Gaga, who arrived at the Grammy awards in an egg-shaped vessel, says she was in it for 72 hours.

"I was in there for about 72 hours. It was a very creative experience," a website quoted her as saying.

Her unconventional arrival drew mixed reactions but Gaga says it was a necessary part of her "Born This Way" premiere.

"It was time for me to really prepare and think about the meaning of the song and get prepared for the performance. I really wanted to be born on stage," she said.

"The creative vessel was helpful for me to stay focused. We had it backstage so that I was able to really stay in this sort of creative, embryonic incubation. This is what I do. I`m so passionate about this record and the meaning of the album," she added.