Garson`s son never wants him to get married

London: American character actor Willie Garson says that he and his adopted son Nathen are so close that the nine-year-old doesn`t ever want his dad to get married.

"I warn Nathen that in five years time, he isn`t going to want to talk to me. He says, `You can never get married.` He wants me all to himself - and I quite enjoy that," quoted Garson as saying.

The 47-year-old,who is known for playing Carrie Bradshaw`s flamboyant best friend Stanford Blatch in the movie "Sex and the City", also admits that he will not feel upset if never get the chance to marry.

"My feeling has always been that it`s fine if I never get married.`ve got close to it, but I`m glad we didn`t. I was in a relationship, she didn`t want to have kids and it ended. Not because of that, but it was always an issue," he added.


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