Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish are now great friends

Los Angeles: Actress Abbie Cornish says she was initially nervous to work with Gary Oldman in their forthcoming movie 'RoboCop', but soon they became friends.

“When I first met Gary, my knees shook a little bit and I kept calling him Sir.. Sir.. because I look up to him so much. Within a minute he spoke to me about ‘Bright Star’, he had seen ‘Bright Star’ and he praised me for that and it was just the most wonderful feeling because for me I have always followed his career and think he is a great actor," Cornish said in a statement.

“And then we became buddies, so we used to sing on set and he does an absolutely amazing Australian accent like its perfect. So, we would sit on set and do these accents while he called me ‘Abs’ the ‘Kath & Kim’ kind of thing. He’s, he’s just adorable,” she added.

'RoboCop' will release in India Feb 14.