Gene Simmons doesn’t like Obama but predicts he’ll be next U.S. prez

Washington: After his predictions came true last year, Gene Simmons has again turned clairvoyant saying that Barack Obama will continue as America’s president.

Though the American rocker (with a very vocal passion for politics) dislikes Obama, he is anticipating there won’t be a prominent power shift in the 2012 presidential election.

“The next president will still be Barack Obama because the Republicans don’t have an alternative, there is not one single personality that has any qualification or is likeable. I wish there were actually, because I like the president’s heart but I don’t think he has the qualification,” Fox News quoted him as saying.

“I hope that with Hillary Clinton and the right people around him, and the right advisors, that he’ll make a terrific president, but [he’s just] saying ‘I’m the guy that killed Osama Bin Laden’ and all he’s got to do on the pollsters is put out his birth certificate,” he added.

Speaking about America’s major economic problems and Obama’s failure to counter them, Simmons emphasises that the country needs a strong business-oriented mind.

“Obama’s economic philosophy, in my estimation, has been a disaster. I’m against being told what to do with my insurance policy; I want the government out of my life,” said Simmons.