Genelia D’Souza is Shahid Kapoor’s break up buddy

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Guess who has been spotted with Shahid Kapoor off late? It’s none other than pretty actress Genelia D’Souza. Now before you guys jump to any sort of conclusion, the duo have been friends from the days of ‘Chance Pe Dance’ and have been in good terms ever since then.

According to sources, Genelia nowadays is playing the good friend and lending her shoulder to heartbroken Shahid. Everyone has a way of dealing with heart-break. While some like being lonesome, some need their family and Shahid just likes hanging out with friends.

The duo have been spotted at many places together having a good time together. And Genelia is playing the good friend and giving Shahid friendly advice whenever needed.

So, all the ladies who were worried about a heartbroken Sasha can now be assured that he is in good hands. Right Shahid?